We’re finally at a point where we are happy with the “beta” of the pitch type app. We have a lot more planned for the app and hope we can accomplish those goals. ¬†Perhaps as we get more users we can crowdfund together to keep the development going on this if you all are enjoying it.

  • wOBA and xwOBA – These stats are live! You can now view wOBA back to 2008 and xwOBA back to 2015 by pitch type.
  • SwStr % – The app now shows SwStr% for pitcher by pitch type as well as overall splits.

The pitch type app is now the fastest place to view wOBA and SwStr % by handedness and pitch type on the web!

  • Player Searching – We updated the player filter to search first or last name (really any part of the name).

Thanks again for all the support of the pitch type app. We hope you’re enjoying this free tool and the others we’ve rolled out as well.