Using xwOBA to Identify MLB Park Factors

So I wrote the other day about xwOBA coming to the pitch app and why it matters and all that jazz. There’s other things we can potentially use this for such as identifying MLB park factors and batter friendly parks.

Remember, xwOBA is calculated by using exit velocity and launch angle and pairing it up with the hit probability for those two measurements. It’s a very simple calculation meant to help take defense out of the equation. It doesn’t take into account park friendliness either per Tangotiger, MLBAM Senior Data Architect.

So for now, the below table will help us understand where there’s a potential park impact. Differential is simply the xwOBA – wOBA.

Having issues running searches on Statcast for the data for 2016 and 2015 for comparison as it times out.

MLB Park Factors Using xwOBA

Below are tables that help identify potential MLB park factors by handedness. You can sort each column to see where some MLB park factors may benefit a batter depending on the side of the plate they’re on.

Updated on 6/20/17

Negative numbers = more friendly for hitters.
[supsystic-tables id=15]